Sacred Sessions in the Oude Kerk

75 minutes of contemplative practice, spiritual teachings & collective reflection. Everyone is welcome.

Many of us meditate alone and reflect internally. But without community, it feels like something is missing.

The Sacred Sessions are an opportunity to explore our inner-world collectively. Leaving our phone at the door, we gather in the beautiful Oude Kerk for 75 minutes of contemplative practices, spiritual teachings (mixed with philosophy and poetry), and group reflection.

The sessions are inspired by the seasons. Summer invites us to revel in abundance. Fall calls for discernment and mourning. Winter is a time for listening and rest. Spring beckons us towards hope and renewal.

Summer edition

The length and heat of summer days invite us to slow down and marvel at the beauty around us. Our sessions answers the call with explorations on:

Reclaiming Attention 25.06.2024, 20h-21:15h

The attention economy can leave us feeling scattered and thin. This session focuses on soothing the nervous system so that we might attend to the world around us.

Creative Loitering 13.07.2024, 20h-21:15h

Creativity isn’t only for art. It’s a way of listening to the world and answering in our own unique ways. In this session we experiment with the practice of “creative loitering”.

Daring Beauty 06.08.2024, 20h-21:15h

Beauty is inefficient. It cannot be optimized. In this session we dare to prioritize it anyways.

Listening to Your Heart 20.08.2024, 20h-21:15h

There is so much wisdom dwelling in our chests. This session (re)connects us with our hearts, so we can consult them for guidance.

Opening to Mystery 03.09.24, 20h-21:15h w/ Joost Vervoort

In a world of prediction, we lose the skill of opening to the wonderful mystery of the world. In this session we enter into the unknown together.

Your host

Madelaine Ley

Madelaine Ley is a philosopher with over a decade of spiritual training. Her research and practice is always in service to deepening connection and nurturing beauty.


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